How to Order the Proper Chain Sling

When ordering, please be sure to include the following:

alloy chain sling size alloy chain sling reach
Size means diameter of the material from which the link of the body chain is formed. Throughout this bulletin, size will be given in fractions.
If chain slings are to be used in pairs and are to be matched for reach, please indicate when ordering.


In describing the type of chain sling, the following symbols should be used. If attachments required are other than standard, give detailed specifications and description.

First symbol (basic type)

S Singlechain sling.
C Singlechoker s\chain sling with a standard end link on each end, no hooks.
D Doublebranch chain sling.
T Triplebranch chain sling.
Q Quadruplebranch chain sling.

Second symbol (type of master link or end link)

O Oblongmaster link of standard dimensions.
P Pear-shapedmaster link (available on request, not a standard item).

Third symbol (type of hook)

S Slinghook
G Grabhook
F Foundryhook
L Latchlok
PH Platehook (available on request, not a standard item).
PC Plateclamp (available on request, not a standard item).