For a word that conveys such determination and commitment, it’s surprising to see statistics that suggest that only 8 percent of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions achieve the associated goals. relates that the custom of making New Year’s resolutions dates back about 4,000 to ancient Babylonia. With so much practice, you’d think human beings would have perfected the art of accomplishing resolutions. We still seem to have room to improve.

Hope. Anticipation. Expectation.

Somehow these words seem softer, yet they lend a sense of direction toward desired outcomes in an optimistic way. It’s tough to find any scientific evidence that hopes, anticipation and expectations are measurably more enduring than resolutions, but intuitively it seems they might be.

So, as 2018 was reaching its final days and preparing the way for a whole new year, we decided to ask Industrial Wire Rope associates about their thoughts on what would make 2019 a great year. The questions we posed to the team included:

  • What are your hopes for 2019?
  • What can 2019 bring you to make it a “great year”?
  • What are you looking forward to as we head into 2019?

Before I get into the specific answers that Industrial Wire Rope folks provided, I must confess the answers took me on a detour. The reason: so much was common and consistent in the answers that it caused me to wonder two things:

  • Are the answers so similar because we all work for Industrial Wire Rope, and as an organization possess similar values that are unique to us?
  • And, if we could ask people across the country these questions, what would they say? Would their answers indicate that we at Industrial Wire Rope are unique?

Maybe someday we will be able to ask people across the country these exact questions, but as a convenient coincidence, I found the Pew organization had asked a question along a similar vein: What Keeps You Going?

Again, specific answers from Industrial Wire Rope will follow, but in broad strokes the answers to hopes and expectations for a good 2019 fell into clear categories that include:

  • spending more time with family and friends
  • stronger communities with greater peace and harmony, locally and globally
  • good health and safety for family, friends, coworkers and others
  • successful outcomes on projects and initiatives at work
  • opportunities to continue growing and developing skills
  • hobbies and personal interests (with some interesting specifics!)

The respondent pool for the Pew study was considerably larger, but distinct common threads appeared in answers. Answering “what keeps you going?”,

  • 69% cited family, with
  • another 34% specifically identifying children and grandchildren
  • 34% identified work
  • 19% cited friends
  • 14% credit hobbies and other interests
  • 16% said good health
  • 11% mentioned education and learning

While the questions were somewhat different, people across the country, of different ages, races, faiths, and incomes exhibit that what motivates them, and what fuels their yearnings, desires, and hopes are extremely similar to the small group who answered my questions at Industrial Wire Rope.

One of the Pew respondents offered this observation: 

“Invariably we find common ground and no matter how different people seem on sight, I find we all have the same experiences and understanding of life. We’re all in the same gang, guys!!!”

And the hopes of the Industrial Wire Rope team? Here are just some of the answers:

What are your hopes for 2019?

From Scott Lemen in Cincinnati, OH: Peace and harmony for humanity.

From Chris Chappell in St. Charles, MO: I hope 2019 is extremely fruitful for every single one of my family members, friends, customers, and coworkers.

From Matt Burress in Cincinnati, OH: I hope 2019 sees my family and friends remaining healthy and safe.

From Matt Hall in St. Charles, MO: To continue to improve myself.

What can 2019 bring you to make it a “great year”?

Matt Hall: Spending more quality time with my family.

Matt Burress is one who has a specific thought about what would make 2019 great: Michigan defeating OSU in football finally.

Chris Chappell: I hope 2019 brings me the opportunity to spend more quality time with family and friends.

Scott Lemen: Good health to those around me.

What are you looking forward to as we head into 2019?

Chris Chappell: In 2019 I’m looking forward to building new relationships, both personally and professionally. I also plan to strengthen those relationships that I’m so blessed to currently have.

Matt Burress: I’m looking forward to establishing new customers and contacts that will hopefully lead us into new industries.

Scott Lemen: Finding success in the many projects on the horizon.

Matt Hall, shortly after the midterms were offer was clear about what he’s looking forward to in 2019: no political ads.

It’s uplifting to hear about the hopes for 2019, as well as developments and opportunities the team is looking forward to. In a matter of days, we’ll be back to the work of making these expectations more concrete.

Perhaps not “resolutions” exactly; that just seems so rigid. But, plans certainly. With great plans already in the pipeline and more taking shape, it’s certainly our intent to make 2019 a terrific year to remember.

Importantly, like the Pew survey respondent expressed, “we’re all in the same gang, guys.” So, of course we invite you on this journey with us at Industrial Wire Rope! We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in this brand-new year!