0.5 inch chain, 6ft. reach, type DOS chain sling

Example: 1/2″ chain, 6 ft. reach, type DOS

  1. Determine the maximum weight of LOAD.
  2. Determine the TYPE of sling required. This will be determined by the configuration of the load.
  3. From the working load limit charts on the following pages, determine the SIZE of the body chain for the sling. Be sure to take into consideration the effect of the angles shown.
  4. Select the matching ATTACHMENTS required.
  5. Determine the REACH required to give the desired angle. The reach is measured from the upper bearing surface of the master link to the bearing surface of the lower attachment (“Pull to Pull”).

What is an Alloy Chain Sling?

Alloy chain slings are industrial lifting slings fabricated from chain and are used to lift very heavy and bulky loads on a regular or repetitive basis. Made from various grades of alloy, their flexible design provides strength and durability so they can withstand impact, extreme temperatures, and exposure to chemicals and UV rays.  These slings are often used due their ability to conform to the shape of the loads on which they are used. Additionally, these slings can lift hot materials.

How to Order the Proper Chain Sling

When ordering, please be sure to include the following:

alloy chain sling size alloy chain sling reach
Size means diameter of the material from which the link of the body chain is formed. Throughout this bulletin, size will be given in fractions.
If chain slings are to be used in pairs and are to be matched for reach, please indicate when ordering.


In describing the type of chain sling, the following symbols should be used. If attachments required are other than standard, give detailed specifications and description.

First symbol (basic type)

S Singlechain sling.
C Singlechoker s\chain sling with a standard end link on each end, no hooks.
D Doublebranch chain sling.
T Triplebranch chain sling.
Q Quadruplebranch chain sling.

Second symbol (type of master link or end link)

O Oblongmaster link of standard dimensions.
P Pear-shapedmaster link (available on request, not a standard item).

Third symbol (type of hook)

S Slinghook
G Grabhook
F Foundryhook
L Latchlok
PH Platehook (available on request, not a standard item).
PC Plateclamp (available on request, not a standard item).