Scaffolding services offered by American Scaffolding Inc. include:

Erection and Dismantle

Let our knowledgable and friendly crew take care of all your erection and dismantle needs. Our full service erection and dismantle crews would be more than happy to assemble your scaffolding in accordance with all OSHA and ANSI standards.

Servicing Equipment

Need a hoist repaired or inspected to make sure it is still in safe running condition? We would be more than happy to bring your hoist back to a safe and full functional state. Our mechanics are certified to repair, service, or inspect.

Safety Training

American Scaffolding Inc can provide training for the following manufacturers:

  • Universal Systems Scaffolds
  • Vanguard Frame Scaffolds
  • Tube and Clamp
  • Superchute Trash Chutes
  • Altrex Modular Swing Stages
  • Bee Access Rigging
  • PowerClimber Hoist
  • Tractel Hoist
  • Bisomac Hoist
  • Beta Max
  • Hi-Lo


  • Distribition of weight on surfaces
  • Scaffolding Capacity
  • Custom pieces for jobs
  • Product specs, weights, and detailed drawings

Equipment Inspection/Reconditioning

Scaffolding should be properly inspected and maintained before and after each use to make sure the scaffold is not structurally compromised or could become structural compromised. American Scaffolding Inc will inspect your scaffold components to make sure they are still in good and usable condition. If the equipment is damaged or worn out Allow us to repair or recondition the parts back into a safe and usable form.

Davit and Anchor Systems

Davit Systems and Permanent anchors can save a company a lot of time and money when installed and maintained correctly. Our experienced staff can help layout and install anchors or davits in the most efficient and cost saving way as possible. Once installed allow American Scaffolding Inc staff to maintain and inspect all components in order to assure a safe and structurally sound system that will last for years to come.