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Wire Rope

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Fabrication of Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope comes in many different sizes, constructions and can be used in many different applications. Industrial Wire Rope is committed to finding the best wire rope for your application. We will use our 75 years of business experience to give you the right product the very first time.

Industrial Wire Rope can offer a complete line of ropes made in the USA, as well as wire rope made outside of the USA. We handle 6×19 & 6×36 Class Ropes, 8×19 & 8×25 Resistwist ropes, 19×7 ropes, Flex-X 19, Flex-x 6, Flex-x 7 CC, Flex-x 9, XLT4, 7 Flex & 7 flex PFV and this is just our most popular ropes. There are very few times we get stumped when asked about the best wire rope for your application, but if we do Industrial Wire Rope can get the right answer with just a phone call.

Wire Rope is a machine and should be cared for in the same way. That is why we offer inspections services, testing services, training services to help our most important asset, YOU THE CUSTOMER! We have information on the basics of wire rope, glossary of wire rope terms and a catalog that provides the most complete and update information concerning wire rope.

Industrial Wire Rope can also custom fabricate a wire rope sling for your special application. We can help you make the right choices when it comes to all your rigging needs. Industrial Wire Rope – the home of the rigging experts.


  • Cranes – Whether it’s for transport, construction, or manufacturing, we have wire rope that can work for you
  • Maritime – We offer strong and innovative wire rope for your specific marine application needs.
  • Fishing – We have fishing rope brands specifically for your fishing applications.
  • Mining – We will deliver the most durable wire and synthetic rope products for the mining industry.
  • Bridges – When it comes to bridges and other structures, Industrial Rope has the products to help your structures stand tall.
  • Construction & Demolition – We offer any products needed for lifting, dragging, tugging, and load securement. 

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