Industrial Wire, Fiber, and Nylon Rope Supplier

Founded in the 1800s, Industrial Wire Rope Supply Company is a family-owned business with corporate office in Cincinnati and a branch office in St.Charles, Missouri. We provide Wire Rope, Wire Rope Fittings, Fiber Rope, Chain, Nylon Slings, and Wire Rope Slings worldwide.

Our Products Include:

Wire Rope – Both Domestic and Import – 6X25, 6X36, Compact Wire Rope, Metric Crane Ropes, and Aircraft Cables

Wire Rope Fittings – Wire Rope Clips, Chain Shackles, Anchor Shackles, High-strength Alloy Shackles, Equalizing Thimbles, Gold Nose Sockets, and Turnbuckles

Fiber Rope – Polypropylene, Twisted Nylon, Manila Ropes, Braided Ropes, and Twines

Chain – Chain Hooks, Alloy Chain Slings

Nylon Slings – Eye and Eye, Endless, Round Slings, Truck Tiedowns, and Ratchet Snugger

Wire Rope Slings – Wire Rope Chokers, 2-leg Bridal, 3-leg Bridal, 4-leg Bridal, and Grommet Slings


Fiber Rope 1 inch Ultra Tech 

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Industrial Rope is proud to be helping build the St. Louis City SC stadium

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