SingleChain SlingsType S & C Double Chain Slings – Type D Working load Limit in pounds when used with branches at angle of inclination to horizontal load as shown below.
Chain Size in Inches single chain sling double chain sling 60 degrees double chain sling 45 degrees double chain sling 30 degrees
Size On Straight Lift 60 Degrees 45 Degrees 30 Degrees
9/32 4,300lbs. 7,400lbs. 6,100lbs. 4,300lbs.
5/16 5,700lbs. 9,900lbs. 8,100lbs. 5,700lbs.
3/8 8,800lbs. 15,200lbs. 12,400lbs. 8,800lbs.
1/2 15,000lbs. 26,000lbs. 21,200lbs. 15,000lbs.
5/8 22,600lbs. 39,100lbs. 32,000lbs. 22,600lbs.
3/4 35,300lbs. 61,100lbs. 49,900lbs. 35,300lbs.
7/8 42,700lbs. 74,000lbs. 60,400lbs. 42,700lbs.
1 Grade 80 47,700lbs. 82,600lbs. 67,400lbs. 47,700lbs.
1-1/4 Grade 80 72,300lbs. 125,200lbs. 102,200lbs. 72,300lbs.

Above data complies with all existing federal regulations.


Serious damage to a chain may occur when a force exceeding the working load limit is applied to a chain or chain assembly. These working load limits should not be exceeded.

Use of chain under heat conditions:

When the chain itself is heated to temperatures shown below, the working load limits should be reduced as indicated.

Temperature of Chain Reduction in Working Load Limit** While Heated Permanent Reduction in Working Load Limit***
500 DegreesF none none
600 DegreesF 10% none
700 DegreesF 20% none
800 DegreesF 30% none
900 DegreesF 40% 10%
1000Degrees F 50% 15%

** While chain is at room temperature shown in first column.***
When chain is used at room temperature after having been heated to temperature shown in first column.

Triple chain slings — type T Quad chain slings — type Q Working load limit in pounds when used with branches at angle of inclination to horizontal load as shown.
ChainSizein Inches quad chain sling 60 degrees quad chain sling 45 degrees quad chain sling 30 degrees
Size 60 Degrees 45 Degrees 30 Degrees
9/32 11,200lbs. 9,100lbs. 6,400lbs.
5/16 14,800lbs. 12,100lbs. 8,500lbs.
3/8 22,900lbs. 18,700lbs. 13,200lbs.
1/2 39,000lbs. 31,800lbs. 22,500lbs.
5/8 58,700lbs. 47,900lbs. 33,900lbs.
3/4 91,700lbs. 74,900lbs. 53,000lbs.
7/8 110,900lbs. 90,600lbs. 64,000lbs.
1 Grade 80 123,900lbs. 101,200lbs. 71,500lbs.
1-1/4 Grade 80 187,800lbs. 153,400lbs. 108,400lbs.

Above data complies with all existing federal regulations

*SAFETY NOTE: A4-leg chain sling, when used on a load of rigid structure, is usually not sustaining the load evenly on each of its four legs.

The maximum working load limits are therefore set at the same values as for 3-leg chain slings of equal quality and size and used with legs at same angle of inclination.