Clothesline / Cords

Clothesline / Cords


A rugged braid jacket over a durable core. This clothesline is easy to handle and holds a knot well. A very popular clothesline!

braided cotton clothesline chart


Perfect for a general purpose utility cord. It offers high strength with minimum stretch.

braided synthetic polyester clothesline chart
PLASTIC CLOTHESLINE WITH CORE – Weather resistant vinyl jacket with a stretch resistant core. This clothesline is tough, durable and weather resistant.

plastic clothesline with core chart
BLUE STAR SOLID BRAIDED SASH CORD – Used as a utility rope or superior clothesline and is a high strength fine cotton yarn with lockstitch contruction. Pre-stretched and polished.

blue star solid braided sash cord chart
RED STAR SOLID BRAIDED SASH CORD – Braided cover over synthetic core. General inexpensive multi-purpose cord.

red star solid braided sash cord chart

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