An all polyester cover utilizing balanced plied yarns over core of SFT polypropylene fiber. This is HOOVEN ALLISON’S best combination rope providing excellent surface abrasion resistance and UV resistance.

A red, white and blue polyester surface yarn marker in one strand is found in sizes 1/2″ diameter and above.

Available in 3/8″ through 3/4″ diameter as a standard product. Larger diameters are available on a make to order basis.
See chart below for standard lengths.

mayfair rope strength chart

mayfair rope size chart


“Type 77” Dacron Polyester cover yarns over S.F.T. Polypropylene core yarns. A proven winner…combines the high
strength and soft feel of “77” Dacron along with the light weight and economy of S.F.T. Polypropylene.

  • Low elasticity
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, and marine growth
  • Excellent friction and heat abrasion resistance with easy handling and gripping surface. Surface feels like cotton.

3-Strand Wire