Sling Nomenclature and Identification

Industrial Rope SupplyCompany Inc. Company Identification
11 Type of Sling
11 Sling Body Construction
1E Top: Method of Attachment
1E Top: End Fitting(s) or Termination
1E Bottom: Method of Attachment
1E Bottom: End Fitting(s) or Termination

NOTE: Above example is a standard eye and eye sling, mechanically spliced.

Type of Sling Sling Body Construction Fittings or Termination Method of Attachment
1.Single Leg 1.Single Part CS ClosedSocket 1.Mechanically Swaged
2.Two-Leg Bridle. 2.Cable Laid OS OpenSocket 2.Hand Spliced
3.Three-Leg Bridle 3.Three Part E Eye 3.Poured
4.Four-Leg Bridle 4.Four Part F Ferrule 0.None
5.Grommet 5.Five Part OL OblongLink
6.Endless 6.Six Part PL PearLink
7. 7.Seven Part RL RingLink
8. 8.Eight Part EH EyeHoist Hook
9. 9.Nine Part FH FoundryHook
0.Other 0.Other PH PipeHook
RH SwivelHook
SH SortingHook
TH SlidingChoker Hook
CT CrescentThimble
ET EqualizingThimble
HT HeavyDuty Thimble
MT HawserThimble
QT Slip-OnThimble
ST Slip-ThruThimble
CP ClosedBoom Pendant Thimble
OP OpenBoom Pendant Thimble
SE ThreadedStub End
X Undefinedby Standard Nomenclature

All connections to Links and Hooks will contain a heavy duty thimble unless otherwise specified.