• Samson Amsteel

    AmSteel is a non-rotational, Samthane coated, 12-strand single braid that yields high strength and low stretch; equivalent to wire rope with 1/7th the weight. In addition , the product is flexible, and resists flex-fatigue and abrasion.

  • Samson Amsteel – Blue

    AmSteel®-Blue is a torque-free 12-strand braid that, size-for-size, is as strong as steel but outlasts wire 3:1, making it an excellent wire rope replacement. At only 1/7th the weight of wire, it is a safe and efficient solution for all marine applications where wire is traditionally used. The combination of Dyneema® fiber and Samthane coating provide abrasion and tension fatigue resistance for superior wear. AmSteel®-Blue is easily spliced and inspected. AmSteel®-Blue is recommended for split-drum winch applications. It is not recommended for use on H-bitts, capstans, or cleats if surging or rendering the rope is required. AmSteel®-Blue has been verified by ABS according to MEG4, and is type approved by: ABS, BV, DNV, Lloyd’s, and RMRS.

  • Samson Ultra Blue-3

    In this 3-strand construction, high-strength Ultra Blue fiber creates a rope that is 30-35% higher in strength than the equivalent polypropylene construction, giving Ultra Blue-3 up to three times more wear life than polypropylene.

  • Samson Ultra-Tech

    Samson Ultra-Tech is well-suited for climbing and rigging applications, this core-dependent double braid is a firm, flexible rope with a cover made of polyester and a core made with Technora®. Known for its high strength and low stretch, the Technora® core is heat resistant and will not fail if the cover is burned.

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