The elongation at break test for all proof-tested chains shall not be less than 15%. The Working Load Limit is the greatest load that should ever be applied to a chain or chain accessory by a user, therefore, any shock loading must be considered when selecting the item for use in a system.

Do not use in excess of the Working Load Limit.

Therefore, it is recommended that all products be regularly inspected after each use to determine their condition as a basis for deciding if the product may continue to be used at the catalog-assigned WLL, a reduced WLL, or removed from service.

Welding to any part of the chain or fittings is prohibited.

All fittings are subject to wear and disfigurement in the form of nicks and gouges and should be inspected after each use for these conditions.

Any detection of a crack or permanent deformation in a fitting is cause to remove the fitting from service and have it destroyed.