Grade 100 Chain Sling Components

Grade 100 Chain Sling Components

For choker applications, the Working Load Limit must be reduced by 20%. The Crosby A-1338 cradle grab hook and S1311N chain shortner link do not require any reduction of the Working Load Limit. The design factor of 4 to 1 on Spectrum® 10 Alloy Chain agrees with the design factor used by the International Standards Organization (I.S.O.) and ANSI B30.9 and is the preferred set of Working Load Limit values to be used.

So, how do you select the proper chain sling?

  1. Determine the maximum weight of the LOAD.
  2. Determine the TYPE of sling required. This will be determined by the configuration of the load.
  3. From the working load limit chart, determine the SIZE of the body chain for the sling. Be sure to take into consideration the effect of the angles shown.
  4. Select the matching ATTACHMENTS required.
  5. Determine the REACH required to give the desired angle. The reach is measured from the upper bearing surface of the master link to the bearing surface of the lower attachment (“Pull to Pull”).

To order your Crosby Eliminator® Chain Slings, follow these simple steps to order a sling assembly.