Never under-estimate the power of a Hurricane.

Of course, that’s obvious in nature, but here we are talking about hoisting and the industry-leading hoists from Columbus McKinnon. Unlike those greatest of storms we see in nature, however, the Columbus McKinnon Hurricane 360⁰ Mini is the smallest hand chain hoist on the market.

Columbus McKinnon, like so many of our suppliers at Industrial Wire Rope, is an industry leader known for innovation, dependability, and quality. With a company history dating back to 1867 and inventor Linus Yale Jr, Columbus McKinnon has been a market leader for generations, continuously developing products that meet the needs of the always-evolving construction industry.

Manufacturing hoist and winches has been the focus of the company since its founding, and it was Yale who produced the firsthand chain hoist with load pressure brake in 1877. Fast forward through the next century and into the new millennium, and Columbus McKinnon offers a hand chain hoist that is unlike any other on the market today: the CM Hurricane 360⁰.

CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini

The CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini is available with lifting capacities of ¼-ton or ½-ton, each with the ability to lift up to 200 feet. As detailed in the CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini brochure, the features of this hoist include:

  • Patented 360° Rotating Hand Chain Cover
    • Allows the chain to rotate a full 360 degrees
    • Enables safe and efficient operation from any direction
    • Promotes smooth movement of the chain
    • Supports a wide range of applications
  • Durable and Reliable
    • Made of aluminum alloy
    • Double pawl brake system
    • Heat-treated flex hook
  • Lightweight and Compact
    • Easy to install
    • Ideal for on-the-go lifting applications

In general, chain hoists can be used in a multitude of different ways. In addition to performing vertical lifts, they can also drag or position a heavy load. Manual chain hoists can also be used below-the-hook of a larger crane to allow for final, precise adjustments.

While the focus at Industrial Wire Rope is primarily on the building and construction industry, hoists play a role in shipyards both in lifting and off-loading boats. In paper mills and steel mills, hoists move everything from raw materials to finished goods. Production plants, renewable energy installations, workshops for vehicles and aircraft: all have applications that require hoists for lifting and moving materials and equipment.

As for the CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini, it is a unique offering in the impressive Columbus McKinnon portfolio of manual hoists, including lever hoists and hand chain hoists. Many consider chain hoists to be the most basic form of lifting tool; they are one of the most used tools for material handling and lifting.

A chain hoist is a device with very few parts that enables workers to lift or move heavy loads by employing mechanical advantage. There are electric and manual chain hoists, and the CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini is a manual hand chain hoist.

This brief video from Columbus McKinnon illustrates the unique features of the CM Hurricane 360⁰.

The CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini offers several benefits in relation to the Harrington/Kito CX Mini, which is marketed as the “world’s smallest hand hoist.” Among them are added safety, versatility and durability as described below.

Comparing CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini with Harrington/Kito CX Mini
Feature CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini Harrington/Kito CX mini
Braking system Added safety with dual pawl Single pawl
Versatility Can be operated outside the danger zone from virtually any angle Can only be operated from directly below the unit
Durability Zinc plating for added resilience in chemical and marine environments Not applicable

The CM Hurricane 360⁰ Mini offers a dual-pawl braking system which is safer than the single-pawl system used in the Harrington/Kito CX mini.

Safety & Training

Like Industrial Wire Rope, Columbus McKinnon prioritizes safety and emphasizes training on the use of its products.

They offer comprehensive programs at their national training centers, as well as on-site at customer facilities and online.

The courses they offer include hoist and rigging safety and inspection; crane operation and safety; and load securement. Take advantage of these to educate your team about proper use and maintenance of the tools they use every day.

Most importantly, call Industrial Wire Rope about your lifting needs. We’re confident we have the right tool for the specific needs of your job.