Industrial Wire Rope began purchasing Crosby Shackles in the 1950’s. It’s somewhat of an understatement to say this is a relationship that is enduring!

Quality and safety have always been top priorities for both Industrial Wire Rope and American Scaffolding, and as you may have seen in earlier blog posts, our commitment to these values is something that lives through continuous improvement. As advancements develop in equipment, tools and materials offering enhanced quality and safety features, we are quick to adopt them.

It’s a philosophy and approach to doing business that Crosby shares, and one of many reasons they have been such a valued partner for decades.

As one of Crosby’s whitepaper urges in its title, “Before you buy, know who is really behind your rigging hardware.”

Crosby Rigging Whitepaper

As this whitepaper describes, Crosby is a vertically integrated product supply chain manufacturer. Benefits are many, but include:

• Confidence – with control over supply chain and quality of raw material source
• Consistency – assured by internal engineering
• Control – single source manufacturing streamlines product scheduling and the manufacturing process
• Cutting edge products – new product R&D based on industry trends

As impressive as the tenure of our relationship with Crosby is, the company’s history goes much further back. It was founded in Crosby-Laughlin over 185 years ago as Crosby-Laughlin. What’s more, its history offers a series of “firsts”, including:

• The forged wire rope clip
• Forging the load rating directly onto the product
• Forging the Product Identification Code (PIC) onto the product for traceability

And, that’s just a sampling of Crosby’s leadership in innovation.

Shackles are some of the most versatile and important pieces used in rigging and material handling operations. Crosby’s leadership in a high-quality comprehensive product line is a foundational component of the products we offer at Industrial Wire Rope.

First, they offer a wide variety of shackles, including round pin, screw pin and bolt-type shackles. With such a wide selection, we are able to accommodate just about any application, from tie-down or towing to lifting and suspension, and more.

Critically, the quality of Crosby shackles is unmatched. They have set the world standard in many ways, including design, material, consistency in dimensions, superior tensile strength and fatigue properties. Furthermore, Crosby supports their products and our mutual customers with comprehensive training.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the Crosby website. It provides a vast amount of information about Crosby products. So vast, it’s almost hard to know where to begin.

We suggest this Crosby video is a great place to start.

Although this video runs less than a minute, it is a terrific explanation of the exceptional quality of Crosby products. Moreover, given our commitment to and reliance on Crosby products at Industrial Wire Rope, it’s a simple way to exhibit our own commitment to quality products and processes that reinforce the priority we place on safety.